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Mt Barney Retreat 4WD Tracks

Benny Hill 4wd track

Mt Barney Retreat offers 4WD tracks for the capable driver.

The tracks have not been designed for four wheel driving but as access tracks for use in the management of bush fires. We are not a 4WD park but we do have tracks that allow the beginner, who is perhaps planning a future adventure to gain some confidence and experience. The tracks are also challenging enough to offer the more experienced drivers a chance to refine their skills.

Though not independently assessed the tracks are graded from an easy to challenging. The terrain surrounding Mt Barney Retreat is not easily accessible - especially after rain.

All the tracks on the property are narrow and steep with very little chance of turning around once the driver is committed. Depending on the prevailing climatic conditions all tracks, easy or hard do offer challenges. Note that the weather is major factor to driving in this region (we are 750m above sea level) and, combined with the remote nature of the location, getting out after being bogged or immobilised is sometimes a day long practice! Therefore, track access will be available at the discretion of the owner.

There are three main 4WD tracks available to you when staying at Mt Barney Retreat.

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