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Benny Hill 4WD Track

Benny Hill 4wd track

Grading: Challenging

The track starts at the northern facing slope south of the community hall. The track is step and narrow with some tight turns. Near the summit there is a patch of scree on a steep slope. Driving into it requires a sharp turn left and a turn to the right as you come off the patch. This part of the track is even narrower with no chance to maneuver or turn around. If stuck the best available option is to reverse back down the slope to a turnaround just below the section. Once at the top on the left are two cleared area ideal for wilderness camping with no amenities what so ever except fabulous views through the trees towards Mt Barney. The gentle track then leads towards a grassy turn around at the end of the ridge. Best views are towards Mowburra Peak and the western rim of the Focal Peak caldera. This is a great place to have a cuppa. Also the summit is directly above the turnaround mentioned in the description of Yamahra Creek 4WD track.

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