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Gondwana Rainforest Walk

Gondwana Rainforest Walk

Price: Half-Day $50

Minimum number required: 5
Fitness Level: High

This guided half-day walk is exclusive to campers staying at the Retreat: an option  to walk through the pristine Gondwana forest adjoining the Retreat. The Gondwana Rainforest eco-system is one of the most ancient types of vegetation in Australia and is World Heritage listed. It is home to over 200 rare and threatened plant and animal species.

The rainforest forms part of the southern boundary of the Retreat and stretches south along the western edge of the old Focal Peak volcano

We are privileged to be able, as part of your stay, to offer you this inspiring walk through such a magnificent mountain region.

The walk starts out from the Retreat at 11am and we will arrive back at the Retreat at about 5pm. A cut lunch will be provided.

The walk will take you up to Mowburra Peak then along the ridge to Durramlee and then back to the Retreat via Mowburra Peak again.

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