Mt Barney Retreat Bush Walks

Mt Barney Retreat is fortunate to be surrounded by national park, and adjacent to some of the most spectacular walks in a pristine World Heritage wilderness area.

Bush walks on offer vary in time and distance, from easy 3-4 hours walks to a 2-day overnight trek to Mt Ballow.

Bush Walks Into Mt Barney National Park
(Gondwana Rainforest, Mowburra Peak & Upper Portals Walks)

The serious bush walker starting out from the Retreat can be treated to some fabulous walks into the ancient Gondwanaland vegetation and the great ancient stands of Antarctic beech forest which exist along the Mowburra Peak – Mt Ballow ridge of mountains.

The Retreat offers challenging treks that require above average levels of experience, fitness and stamina. All of these walks use the Retreat as a springboard into Mt Barney National Park – a world heritage listed wilderness area. The National Park covers over 20,000 hectares of rugged terrain with the outer rim of the ancient Focal Peak caldera on the Retreats door step. Endless opportunities are available for walkers to explore these western mountains. We offer fully accredited guides if needed for these treks.

Retreat Bush Walks
(Mount Watson & Yamahra Creek Walks)

The Retreat borders the Gondwana Rainforest of Australia region and is one reason why there is such an incredible diversity of ecosystems in and around its borders - including dry vine forest, mixed eucalypt open forest, wet sclerophyll forest, montane heath-land and subtropical rainforest. What better way to appreciate this World Heritage area than to walk it.

There are ten walks planned for the Retreat though some are still under development. The walks are generally short distances: no more that fours hour’s duration. All are suited for walkers of average fitness and stamina. Some of the walks will use our 4WD tracks so we will describe only the true walking tracks in bush, mountain and creek where no vehicle can go.

Gondwana Rainforest Walk

This is a guided half-day walk through the pristine Gondwana forest of Mt Barney National Park.


Mowburra Peak Walk

The main advantage of this walk is the ease in which you can get from the Retreat to Mowburra Peak.


Mount Watson Walk

This is a gentle walk from the camping ground up through forest to the lookout.


Upper Portals Walk

Another world class walk is to walk down from the Retreat (about 5km) to the spectacular Upper Portals.


Yamahra Creek Walk

We plan to develop three linking walking tracks along Yamahra Creek starting from the Retreat.