Mowburra Peak Walk

Mowburra Peak Walk

The main advantage of this walk is the ease in which you can get from the Retreat to Mowburra Peak.

We can provide transport that will take 2 hours off the round trip. There are two routes to the top. Each start from one of our designated camp sites (Mowburra Peak base camp or Rainforest camp site). The walks can start in either direction and are both at the southern boundary of the Retreat.

Clockwise direction: start from the Rainforest camp site. One option is to camp here overnight then make an early start the following morning. You then you head straight up the ridge which flattens out onto Mowburra ridge. Like a curtain you move from eucalyptus forest into the gloom of the rainforest. The walk continues west along the ridge to the summit of Mowburra Peak. Again there is a transition imperceptible from full rainforest to the ancient stands of Antarctic beech leading you up to the summit. There is a rudimentary track laid down by walkers some time ago (these walks have now rarely trod).

There are two options available to you on your way back; either retrace your steps back to Main Ridge where transport can pick you up or descend down the Mowburra Ridge pick up an old fire trail and walk back to the Mowburra Peak base camp where again a vehicle will pick you up for transport back to the Retreat.

Walk Duration: 4 hours.
We offer a fully accredited guide for this trek.

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