Upper Portals Walk

Upper Portals Walk

Another world class walk is to walk down from the Retreat (about 5km) to the spectacular Upper Portals.

Here you will find a series of waterfall, rock pools and steep sided mountain walls where Barney Creek flows around Mt Barney and down through the Portals into the Logan river system.

The Upper Portals of Mt Barney National Park is a remote and unique place. It is the gateway to a most fabulous gorge that Barney Creek has cut through the northern slopes of Mt Barney. Barney Creek descends out of the McPherson Mountain range, joins Ballow Creek flowing out of the Focal Peak caldera and in a series of waterfalls and rock pools wends its way around Mt Barney into the Logan River.

A good time to depart the Retreat would be about 10am. Walk out along our track towards Cleared Ridge. Go through the gate to the National Park and follow the track as it descends steeply to Yamahra Creek. The well maintained and undulating track then follows the creek and wends its way over many crossings of Yamahra Ck. The walk passes through patches of magnificent rainforest and eucalypt forest. Arrive at the junction of Yamahra Ck. and Barney Ck. – the start of the Upper Portals. Cool off in the refreshing waterholes of the gorge and then walk back to meet me at Cleared Ridge to drive you back to the Retreat.

Walk Duration: 6 hours.
We offer a fully accredited guide for this trek.

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