Yamahra Creek Walk

Yamahra Creek Walk

We plan to develop three linking walking tracks along Yamahra Creek starting from the Retreat.

Tracks would start at the Retreat and rise to a height of 900m at the vine forests of Mt Barney National Park. They will showcase the outstanding features of the Retreat: mountain views, steep sided gullies, rocky outcrops and waterfalls.

Stage one of the track starts from the Retreat and descends to Yamahra Creek. The track takes you through our own mini botanical gardens then drops down through a small rainforest gully to meet the Creek. From here it crosses Grace’s track and forms part of an old timber track that takes you to the next stage of the walk.

The second stage is about 1.5km in length and follows a well-trodden path – possible an old wallaby track along the creek bed to a clearing where Yamahra Creek and Ethan Creek meet. It follows closely the creek and crisscrosses it many times. Rainforest and eucalypt forest merge along the way. The track is now condensing into a fairly narrow creek valley until it opens out at the clearing for the beginning of stage three.

The third stage and final stage is the track up to the boundary of the Retreat and the National Park. It is steep in places and narrows considerably the further up you walk. Though it is under development it is a track with great potential with rainforest and waterfalls along its path. Once you get to the rain forest a track then peels off to the left and right and joins up to the two 4WD tracks one on main ridge and the other leading up to the Mowburra Peak base camp site.

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