Environmental Surveys

Over the past 10 years there have been numerous surveys conducted to record the Flora of the Yamahra Creek catchment and also the Fauna. Frog surveys around the dams have been recorded. A detailed survey was conducted to ascertain the location - if any of the Eastern bristlebird and also the Spotted Quoll. Both surveys were unsuccessful.

The most extensive environmental survey/database was conducted by Verne Charlesworth. Verne who is a dedicated amateur naturalist has spent 10 years recording the ecosystems and Flora and Fauna of Yamahra Creek catchment.

In 2008 Bartopia commissioned a toolkit to implement a biodiversity and revegetation project monitoring programme. It forms part of a wider set of activities that include weed control and revegetation activities. The monitoring kit focuses solely on implementing a programme to monitor biodiversity on Bartopia and current and future revegetation projects that may be undertaken. By 'revegetation projects' we mean the reforestation of cleared land, the enhancement or restoration of remnant vegetation and the manipulation of (weedy) regrowth to promote regeneration

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