Mt Barney Retreat Cabins

Mt Barney Retreat offers dormitory style accommodation in spacious cabins. They are basic but comfortable - shady and cool in the summer but a tad cold in the winter. So make sure you bring some warm gear. 

The cabins provide bunk beds and a changing room. All cabins have good shade in the afternoon and louver windows along both sides help you to moderate air flow throughout the cabin to pick up the cool summer breezes.

Mountain weather is variable and it often gets cold at night so warm bedding, i.e. zero and below sleeping bags, is a must. You will also need to bring along pillows, sheets, etc. A 12V DC external battery provides safe and adequate lighting.

With the exception of the roof the materials used in its construction were either recycled or taken off the property. The framework is hardwood timber selectively cleared from the property and milled on site using a locally operated mobile saw mill. The timber is very hard and forms a strong framework for the corrugated iron walls re-cycled from the defunct army barracks near Brisbane (Wacol) and towed up the mountain tracks by trailer and Land Rover. All the constructed parts of the cabin are then tied down to a central tree pole cut from the adjoining forest.

The cabins have been named after the mountains in Mt Barney National Park: the Ballow cabin overlooking the wildlife dam, the Mowburra overlooking the camping ground and the Montserrat looking towards Mt Barney.

Ballow Cabin

The Ballow Cabin overlooks a wildlife dam and sleeps 8 + 2.


Mowburra Cabin

Mowburra Cabin overlooks camping ground and sleeps 8 + 1.


Montserrat Cabin

Montserrat Cabin looks towards Mt Barney and sleeps 6 + 3.