Mt Barney Bush Walks

Mt Barney Wilderness Camping Grounds borders the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia region and is one reason why there is such an incredible diversity of ecosystems in and around our property: dry vine forest, mixed eucalypt open forest, wet sclerophyll forest, montane heathland and subtropical rainforest. What better way to appreciate the place than to walk it? All walks are on 4WD tracks, fire breaks or National Park maintained walking tracks.
We offer the following walks:
* Sunrise lookout – 40 minutes;
* Sunset lookout – 10minutes;
* Mt Watson – 40 minutes;
* Big rock lookout – 1hr 30minutes;and
* The Upper Portals, Mt Barney NP – six hours.
Sunrise Lookout
* Fabulous early morning views towards Mt Barney;
* A good 40-minute walk from the main camping ground; and
* Can be driven (4WD) track though steep in places.
Sunset Lookout
* A ten-minute walk to view the sunset over the Great Divide.
Big Rock Lookout
* It is some distance from the main campsite;
* It is very steep in places and requires an experienced 4WD driver; and
* It is too hazardous to drive in wet weather.
Upper Portals
* A great six hour walk that showcases Mt Barney National Park and the surrounding mountains;
* You walk through patches of rainforest and Hoop Pine forest;
* Cross Barney Creek, follow the bush track and your are there; and
* Our camping ground is the closest accommodation to it.

Big Rock Lookout


Drive along the main ridge track and continue up to where it is too steep to drive any further. You are there! 


Upper Portals Walk

A world class walk the to the Upper Portals.


Sunrise Lookout

Set high on Harvey Hill this look out will catch the first rays of the morning sun or evening moon.