Main camping ground

Main camping ground

Our main camping ground offers all the facilities and ample space in which to pitch your tent.

We have 130hectares of mountains and forests surrounded by 20,000ha of Mt Barney National Park. Our main camping ground is 750m above sea level.
We have a commitment to restrict the number of sites to a sustainable level. It means you and your family and friends can readily experience the quiet and peaceful surrounds. We sincerely hope that by limiting the number of camping sites we can offer you an incentive to come here and camp.
The main camping ground is the centre point of all our amenities and facilities:
⇒ Five acres of lawn;
⇒ Three cabins;
⇒ A bush hall dining table suitable for up to 25 people;
⇒ A roofed in camp fire;
⇒ Three flushing toilets and two hot showers;
⇒ A kitchen complete with all cooking facilities;
⇒ An outside pizza oven;
⇒ A zip line stretching across the grounds; and
⇒ A wildlife dam

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